Online Pokies (Real Money) Best for Australians

We all know that Australians are making big strides in providing true freedom to their citizens with regards to online casinos and gambling. This is great news for the local Aussie who wants to play a little online pokies for real money. We believe that online gambling has received a bad name for no good reason. Many companies out there are using the same techniques to create the same brain response in their games but they extract money from their clients through in-game purchases. At least at an online casino someone knows what they are getting themselves into before they sign up. These games that induce a GABA response and then ask their players for money without advertising ahead of time with warnings that money is requested of their players are just taking money from their clients through a back door. When you enter an online casino you know exactly what you are getting yourself into. Casinos make it very clear they are there for entertainment purposes only. There are very few big winners. A few hundred reals of online pokies (real money) roughly costs a player the amount of a movie ticket. On average it is cheaper to play online pokies than to go to your local arcade. While Australia is one of the most open countries to online gambling there are still those in government that would shut it down all together. While we believe in moderate regulation, completely banning a pastime that is already extremely popular in the country would drive people to risky unregulated businesses. The Australian Betting Organization at is a perfect example of an organization that balances the rights of people to gamble online, tries to help those who don’t have self control of their pastime, and follows Australias gambling laws. They have a great page about online pokies (real money) at

There needs to be a balance. There shouldn’t be too many restrictions make on online casinos, bookmakers, and other online gambling companies throughout Australia. If too many restrictions occur that don’t provide an actual benefit to the citizens the industry will quickly go rogue. You’ll notice that rogue casinos already exist throughout the world and it is because the governments have made a market for them. Are we not already familiar what occurs with prohibition? It’s frustrating to see people who are so bent on their crusade that they end up hurting the people they pretend to protect.

The Minecraft World: Gamers’ Favorite Sandbox Video Game

There are millions of video games in different genres: action, adventure, horror, beat-em-up, puzzle, platformer, and even simulation. However, Minecraft stands out from the sea of video games by presenting an open-world sandbox game in simple pixelated graphics and non-existent rules. With the complete freedom and vast opportunities a gamer can play, it is no wonder that Minecraft gains a massive following in the gaming community.

In Minecraft, there are three open worlds to explore, namely the Overworld, the End and the Nether. The Overworld is the main setting of Minecraft with its vast areas full of mountains, caves, forests, beaches, seas, and even tundras. The Overworld also houses abandoned strongholds located in the depths of the main world. The End is the second world that is accessed only by a stronghold’s End Portal, and it is where you can defeat the Ender Dragon to technically win the game. The Nether is the third and last world of Minecraft that is accessed by a Nether Portal. The Nether is similar to Hell where the place is full of fire-red mountains and overflowing lava waterfalls, not to mention creepy monsters that aggressively attack you.

To play Minecraft, you need to break, gather and collect blocks and various items that are found in every corner of the game world. You can mine these blocks from either forests, grass plains or mining caves. With these blocks, they can be crafted into items and other blocks. For example, you can turn wood blocks into lumber blocks, and you can turn lumber blocks into windows and doors. You can also craft weapons, tools and armor using mineral blocks such as silver, gold, and diamond. You can also harvest meat from peaceful livestock such as cows and sheep, and you can grow crops such as sugarcane.

There are two main game modes in Minecraft, namely Survival and Creative. In Survival Mode, you play as an unnamed protagonist with no clear missions, tasks or goal objectives. In the first day, you need to gather and collect enough blocks to create your first home for the night. You need to build a house by sunset, because monsters such as creepers and zombies roam the land upon nightfall. In Survival, you can get hurt or killed by these monsters so you need weapons and armor to defend yourself against enemies.

In Creative mode, this is where the sandbox game really shines. In Creative, there is no worry about monsters as they cannot hurt you or attack you. What you have instead is an unlimited supply of blocks at your disposal and how you play the game is entirely up to you. Many gamers take advantage of this by building their own game worlds such as miniature cities, replicas of famous landmarks and makeshift amusement parks.

Minecraft is a video game that is on a league of its own, as it is an open-world sandbox game. With all the standard games with linear storylines and objectives, Minecraft is a breath of fresh air from all these games. It may not be for everyone, but a video game like this rewards gamers for being creative.

Do you think you are addicted to Video Games? Here’s how to know

The word addiction is commonly associated with substance abuse. According to doctors, abuse is categorized mainly by: 1.A behavior or substance that is repeated to keep a person going, usually on an increased rate 2.The person experiencing addiction on a substance or behavior will show symptoms of irrationality, irritability and is miserable.

But do you know that there is now a term for video game addiction? Compulsive Video Gaming is now a modern day disorder that is becoming more and more popular and apparent, especially among teens and young adult. It is characterized as a clinical impulse control disorder and as the name suggest, people who experience the disorder will experience uncontrollable urge to play video games over a long period of time. Unlike other addiction, the effect on the brain has yet to be concluded. In terms of gambling addiction for example, an increase in dopamine is apparent.

In the case of video game addiction, they use the game to escape, the same principle that an ecstasy addict will feel about addicted to ecstasy to escape the harsh world of reality. One good example is a bullied kid at school. Video games may provide an escape and a better reality by enabling the child to take on a dominant role on the game he is playing. In other words, video games can provide us with an alternate reality, a reality that is a far cry from what is being presented to the point that gamers will usually prefer the digital world than a face to face interaction.

Many parents do not see any harm with this scenario. After all, the children will be within the confines of their home, safe from any physical threat and harm. However, experts say that though it may seem relatively without harm, too much exposure with video games may expose the child to several developmental problems. A child may be less developed socially, and may not learn to be friendly among his or her peers.

The Center for On-line Addiction has provided warning signs for Video Game addiction:

  1. Feeling irritable when not playing
  2. Keeping excessive gaming secret from peers and family
  3. Looking at video games to escape from real life problems
  4. Constantly thinking about video games
  5. Steady increase of playing video games

What can parents do?

Researchers advised that the most common video addicts are male under the age of 30, usually with people who have been experiencing depression and low self esteem to begin with. It is advisable that parents monitor their child if they suspect that he or she is becoming addicted to video games. Ask if there are any previous hobbies that have been given up in favor of playing video games? Did John used to love football but has given it up and is noticeably spends more time at home playing games instead? How is their performance at school? Do you notice any steady decline? It is highly recommended that parents gets involved and if video game addiction is suspected; do not delay talking to a professional about it.

There Is A New Currency In Town, And You Really Should Know About It

So let’s say you are in a shop, and you notice that a particular customer paid by scanning his mobile phone and voila! All items have been successfully purchased. And you are left there wondering, with your credit card or cash in hand, what in the world just happened?

Apparently, another way of paying your transaction has been discovered, with more convenience compared to using cash or even credit cards. This mode is called Bitcoin, invented by Satoshi Nakamoto year 2009. This new online payment system can be used to complete transactions directly without a third party or banks. Merchants or business owners who useBitcoin for their sale transactions have grown significantly since its release. All transactions made using Bitcoin are recorded and archived in a public distributed ledger, commonly called “block chain”. Though all transactions are documented, the identity of the transaction owners remains anonymous. This is the reason thatBitcoin is also deemed as the first cryptocurrency, as it is also the largest of its kind for its current total market value.

There are several terms associated with Bitcoin use. These include:

  1. Block Chain

Block chain, commonly called as public ledger, is used to record every bitcoin transactions. Maintenance of this ledger is performed by a network of communicating “nodes” on the bitcoin database. The nodes can validate transactions, add them on the ledger and connect them with the other transactions on the ledger. In order to identify an ownership for every bitcoin, every node will store a copy of the chain. In an hour’s time, the ledger is updated approximately six times and a new block is added.

  1. Wallet

This is not your usual wallet. In the bitcoin world, the term wallet may mean a few things. Basically, it acts as storage for all the necessary information to transact bitcoins. There are several types of wallets designed to cater to the customer’s needs. Hardware wallets can be used in keeping your credentials offline even during transactions. Online wallets are applications that may be kept on your mobile phone, and used for any bitcoin transaction. This is highly preferred as it is also very convenient to use. There is also what is called a Physical wallet, which may also be used offline. Your credentials will be printed on plastic or a simple printout.

  1. Mining

Mining is a service mainly used for record keeping. Remember the ledger or “block chain”? Miners act as security guards, making sure that the block chain remains without changes or alteration. They also collect new information of transactions called “block”.

  1. Units

Bitcoins are expressed or represented by units such as BTC or XBT.

  1. Ownership

Ownership simply means that a bitcoin is associated with a specific address. Digital signs are required from the payer using a corresponding private key. Once the private key is lost, no other user will be able to use the bitcoin. In one instance, a user reported that he has lost 7,500 bitcoin in the year 2013, which is worth $7.5 million dollars at the time.

How Research Is Performed To Building Better Online Gambling Game Systems

Online gambling games have shown continuous growth – and with good reason. For starters, they have made gaming incredibly accessible and convenient. There is also a lot of variety in games now. In the past, for example, you only get basic slots games. These days, you get Marvel Superheroes-themed slots games and game show-style slots. Also, newer technology such as cryptocurrency has even made it possible for anyone to preserve his anonymity when signing up for casino sites.

Such a surge is something that only a few industries are able to achieve though – and this growth resulted to numerous studies about the field, game platforms, and player behaviors. These studies are used for a wide array of reasons, but they all help in improving existing systems not just to ensure fairness, but also to improve a more enjoyable experience all in all.

The truth about Online Gambling

Did you know that a study reported in 2009 show that those who opt for online gambling games are more disciplined in playing compared to players in conventional gambling settings? It is true that in gambling, self-control and moderation are always important. However, contrary to expectations, the incredible accessibility of online gaming has contributed a positive experience for the most part.

A study conducted by Harvard Medical School Addictions Department’s director in cooperation with an Austrian online gambling company reported that problem gambling didn’t increase despite platforms’ accessibility. Results showed that the percentage of problem gamblers in 1970s was 0.7 of the year’s population while the study’s problem gamblers are around 0.6 percent of the population. Therefore, the number of problem gamblers actually dropped.

The director who spearheaded the study stated that the result was unexpected. He also concluded that preventing people from online gambling would probably be less effective in minimizing problem gambling. This seems to highlight the need to shift to moderated operations, as well as to the mindset that gambling should primarily be deemed as a form of entertainment.

Localized Online Gambling Market Studies

Online gambling indeed seems to be an unstoppable force these days. This triggered curiosity about how the industry is faring in the local market. Several studies conducted by local and international researchers presented the industry’s popularity in specific countries. A good example is in online gambling in Ontario, Canada. According to a recent report, around 500,000 residents in the province spend from $400 million up to $500 million yearly on offshore online gambling pages. It is also the eighth province to devise a locally regulated online gaming page.

In Denmark, gambling authorities studied the Danish gambling market and claimed that the market continues to boom. A year prior to the recent report, the same authorities reported a 40 percent increase on bets placed online compared to the last two years. That time, one company monopolized the internet gambling market. The number increased to 29 companies and 15 companies licensed for online casino games and betting, respectively. Therefore, the Danish gambling market also experienced the industry’s significant growth.

These are only two countries, but the trend is also the same for other countries with regulated internet gambling like in the United States and United Kingdom.

These types of reports help authorities as well as online game providers to come up with better regulations that will make the industry more beneficial for everyone – both operators and online gambling enthusiasts alike.