Papers, Please: The Seemingly Boring Video Game That is Actually Enjoyable

Video games are created to escape the routines of everyday life. There are platform games where your goal is to you stomp on turtles and evil mushrooms, while there are shooting games where your goal is to annihilate terrorists and bandits. With all those video games that create fantasies for ordinary people to enjoy, surely there won’t be a game where you can play as a government employee doing office work, right?

Except that, there is such a game that takes you to office work and that game is called Papers Please. This absurd paperwork simulation game is solely developed by Lucas Pope. As weird as the concept sounds, Papers, Please is actually a very great game. But what is so fun about playing as an officer to do paperwork? There is more to this game than that.

In Papers, Please, you are in the borderline of the city of Arstotzkha, where you play as a newly-recruited immigrations officer by the city’s government. Your job is to process immigration documents from various people trying to enter Arstotzkha, and determine whether they are allowed to enter the city or not. At the beginning of the game, you can only allow Arstotzkha nationals to enter and only if their passports are not expired. On the second day, you begin to accept foreign nationals but only if they have an entry permit while you can accept Arstotzkha nationals if they also have an ID as proof.

The objectives of the game may seem borderline-monotonous, but the developer added twists in the game. One of these twists is that the Arstotzkha government implements new rules to combat smart and tricky terrorists, spies and criminals trying to enter the city. These rules range from additional permits and documents to mandatory fingerprint and full-body scans, so the game becomes more complicated. Another twist is that you need to process enough applicants a day in order to raise enough money to feed and take care of your family. You only earn five credits per successful process and you can adjust your budget whether to feed or buy medicine for your family.

However, the biggest twist in Papers, Please is the number of mini-stories involved during the game. Some applicants actually interact with you from your desk, with a number trying to bribe you money in order to pass. On the contrary, there are applicants who desperately want to enter the city even if they didn’t follow the requirement, because they have families waiting for them on the other side. This video game rewards or punishes you for your decisions and with twenty possible endings, each decision can trigger an event. On top of that, there is a faction of oppressors who want to overthrow the corrupt government, so even the fate of Arstotzkha lies on your hands – and your stamp.

This game was actually produced and created by individuals who had their ACLS recertification online. Surprisingly, it is often those who have the most training and know-how that create the most interesting of games. Those who have ACLS recertification online are trained on how to act in an emergency situation. This includes if a person has a heart attack or stroke. While this doesn’t happen every day in the office, having ACLS online certification training is important.

Papers, Please is not the most fun video game out there, but the intrigue alone is enough to pull you in – and the storyline tugs you to complete the game and see what happens at the end.

Playing Dice Games In Bitcoin Casinos

A game of dice is the most common gambling pastimes of many. In fact, it is also the easiest.While there are games that use dice in conjunction with other items, you can also just use a pair of dice, place your bets, and roll them down a surface.

The Advantage of Bitcoin Casino Dice Gaming

Dice games have become popular as well in Bitcoin gambling. This is evident based on bitcoin casino reviews. Compared to traditional dice games, bets are based on block chain. However, the usual probabilities for every roll in a game of dice apply. Yes, even in Bitcoin gambling dice games, the same rules apply, albeit, in a digital format.

Bitcoin dice games are also the most well-known casino games. This is why bitcoin casino reviews are often written about these sites. These games allow players to assess the risks on their own, although with the assurance that they will be given provable odds. This is crucial because online casinos run on software that may be programmed to set up the games in such a way that there is unfair advantage for the house. In fact, provable odds are one of the selling points that Bitcoin dice casinos offer.While it is true that a dice game is merely a game of chance and luck, knowing that you are protected by a system of provable odds could at least give you peace of mind that the system is not rigged against you – or any gamer for that matter.

Understanding Gaming Strategies For Dice games

One strategy for a Bitcoin dice game is Martingale. The entire concept is quite simple. You just choose a suitable bet that will increase your profit and start betting. If you win, you go back to your original wager. If you lose, you can double your bet to further increase your bet when you win the next wager. To an individual with little to no experience in probability, it may seem like a fool-proof plan. The chances of winning and losing seemingly look almost the same, right?

Sadly, the Martingale strategy is the most common way for gamblers to go bankrupt. The chances of losing or winning do not change no matter the situation, so it is not a wise decision to place incredibly higher bets just for the same odds. To those understand the concept of Martingale though, it can be a very fun and enjoyable betting strategy.

Paroli is another common betting progression. This strategy incorporates an increasing wager every win in a game. Some Bitcoin dice players use this method to increase their profit with every wager. This is used by gamblers who prefer low risk and small wins. However, it is not totally fool-proof as it can still induce sudden losses after doubling bets or loss streaks.

New gamblers prefer progressive betting because they consider it as “easy money”. However, it is always essential to remember that every strategy has a downside to them. Mathematically speaking, it is impossible to have a strategy that makes you beat a gambling house. Dice is a game of chance, henceforth; it just means that every game has its unique surprise that can either amaze or upset you.

Keep in mind that dice games is always about luck and not skill. However, calculating probabilities can indeed help you. You can try using a bitcoin dice probability calculator when placing bets. It’s easy enough to do if you’re playing in a bitcoin casino online. There are now multiple online casinos emerging that accept Bitcoin in placing bets.

How Research Is Performed To Building Better Online Gambling Game Systems

Online gambling games have shown continuous growth – and with good reason. For starters, they have made gaming incredibly accessible and convenient. There is also a lot of variety in games now. In the past, for example, you only get basic slots games. These days, you get Marvel Superheroes-themed slots games and game show-style slots. Also, newer technology such as cryptocurrency has even made it possible for anyone to preserve his anonymity when signing up for casino sites.

Such a surge is something that only a few industries are able to achieve though – and this growth resulted to numerous studies about the field, game platforms, and player behaviors. These studies are used for a wide array of reasons, but they all help in improving existing systems not just to ensure fairness, but also to improve a more enjoyable experience all in all.

The truth about Online Gambling

Did you know that a study reported in 2009 show that those who opt for online gambling games are more disciplined in playing compared to players in conventional gambling settings? It is true that in gambling, self-control and moderation are always important. However, contrary to expectations, the incredible accessibility of online gaming has contributed a positive experience for the most part.

A study conducted by Harvard Medical School Addictions Department’s director in cooperation with an Austrian online gambling company reported that problem gambling didn’t increase despite platforms’ accessibility. Results showed that the percentage of problem gamblers in 1970s was 0.7 of the year’s population while the study’s problem gamblers are around 0.6 percent of the population. Therefore, the number of problem gamblers actually dropped.

The director who spearheaded the study stated that the result was unexpected. He also concluded that preventing people from online gambling would probably be less effective in minimizing problem gambling. This seems to highlight the need to shift to moderated operations, as well as to the mindset that gambling should primarily be deemed as a form of entertainment.

Localized Online Gambling Market Studies

Online gambling indeed seems to be an unstoppable force these days. This triggered curiosity about how the industry is faring in the local market. Several studies conducted by local and international researchers presented the industry’s popularity in specific countries. A good example is in online gambling in Ontario, Canada. According to a recent report, around 500,000 residents in the province spend from $400 million up to $500 million yearly on offshore online gambling pages. It is also the eighth province to devise a locally regulated online gaming page.

In Denmark, gambling authorities studied the Danish gambling market and claimed that the market continues to boom. A year prior to the recent report, the same authorities reported a 40 percent increase on bets placed online compared to the last two years. That time, one company monopolized the internet gambling market. The number increased to 29 companies and 15 companies licensed for online casino games and betting, respectively. Therefore, the Danish gambling market also experienced the industry’s significant growth.

These are only two countries, but the trend is also the same for other countries with regulated internet gambling like in the United States and United Kingdom.

These types of reports help authorities as well as online game providers to come up with better regulations that will make the industry more beneficial for everyone – both operators and online gambling enthusiasts alike.