The Minecraft World: Gamers’ Favorite Sandbox Video Game

There are millions of video games in different genres: action, adventure, horror, beat-em-up, puzzle, platformer, and even simulation. However, Minecraft stands out from the sea of video games by presenting an open-world sandbox game in simple pixelated graphics and non-existent rules. With the complete freedom and vast opportunities a gamer can play, it is no wonder that Minecraft gains a massive following in the gaming community.

In Minecraft, there are three open worlds to explore, namely the Overworld, the End and the Nether. The Overworld is the main setting of Minecraft with its vast areas full of mountains, caves, forests, beaches, seas, and even tundras. The Overworld also houses abandoned strongholds located in the depths of the main world. The End is the second world that is accessed only by a stronghold’s End Portal, and it is where you can defeat the Ender Dragon to technically win the game. The Nether is the third and last world of Minecraft that is accessed by a Nether Portal. The Nether is similar to Hell where the place is full of fire-red mountains and overflowing lava waterfalls, not to mention creepy monsters that aggressively attack you.

To play Minecraft, you need to break, gather and collect blocks and various items that are found in every corner of the game world. You can mine these blocks from either forests, grass plains or mining caves. With these blocks, they can be crafted into items and other blocks. For example, you can turn wood blocks into lumber blocks, and you can turn lumber blocks into windows and doors. You can also craft weapons, tools and armor using mineral blocks such as silver, gold, and diamond. You can also harvest meat from peaceful livestock such as cows and sheep, and you can grow crops such as sugarcane.

There are two main game modes in Minecraft, namely Survival and Creative. In Survival Mode, you play as an unnamed protagonist with no clear missions, tasks or goal objectives. In the first day, you need to gather and collect enough blocks to create your first home for the night. You need to build a house by sunset, because monsters such as creepers and zombies roam the land upon nightfall. In Survival, you can get hurt or killed by these monsters so you need weapons and armor to defend yourself against enemies.

In Creative mode, this is where the sandbox game really shines. In Creative, there is no worry about monsters as they cannot hurt you or attack you. What you have instead is an unlimited supply of blocks at your disposal and how you play the game is entirely up to you. Many gamers take advantage of this by building their own game worlds such as miniature cities, replicas of famous landmarks and makeshift amusement parks.

Minecraft is a video game that is on a league of its own, as it is an open-world sandbox game. With all the standard games with linear storylines and objectives, Minecraft is a breath of fresh air from all these games. It may not be for everyone, but a video game like this rewards gamers for being creative.